What Can Metapor Do for You?

Lightweight composite materials for rapid prototpying

Metapor material is air-permeable over the entire surface. In contrast to sintered materials, the pores are not closed off after machining. This allows for rapid prototyping and tremendous cost savings when avoiding the need to drill vacuum holes.

Thermoforming applications: Metapor offers significant design flexibility on highly cosmetic or transparent parts without the unsightly look of drilled vacuum holes or surface imperfections. It  machines faster than aluminum and allows for intricate part detail to enhance appearance.

Specialized manufacturing applications: Microporous METAPOR can be used as air-bearing devices or vacuum chucks in several manufacturing processes, including semiconductors, urethanes, and other substrates where it is better to avoid manual handling of delicate materials.

"We use Metapor for both prototyping and for production tools. It allows us to save time and deliver quality parts fast." - Leading thermoforming converter

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